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October box arrived broken...

Spirit Trading Company on Jun 2021

Ok.. I reviewed this earlier, and gave it two stars... i have since heard back from them, and think I need to change it too one star. Can't put my finger on it, my box was broken because it was pretty darn obvious there was a lack of packing material... my candle bounced around and broke the skull... etc. Well... they want photos... I can understand that, but they want to file a claim and then send me replacements?? I don't know for some reason that really annoys me... they screwed up, and because of it, what I paid for was unusable due to their negligence... yet once I jump through hoops for them, and they collect the insurance then I get my stuff.... no... way too much trouble for cheap Chinese junk! I should get my money back, all of it!

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They got my money, I got stiffed

Cryptid Crate on Jun 2021

The first box was pretty cool, but I paid for the second box, and never received it, never got a tracking number, and just an email saying I should have received it days ago.

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