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CLOTH & PAPER on Sep 2021

It’s not that the items weren’t nice looking but I was disappointed in the small amount of stuff that I got or $38 . I definitely thought I would get more product and possibly a full planner .

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Found and Flowered on Jun 2021

I am not a journaler... but my daughters are and I wanted to do this with them. This box was wonderful and super fun to sift through! All of the contents so artfully put together!!

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Fruit For Thought Subscription Box on Jun 2021

I was so excited for this box! It was as fantastic as I anticipated! Packed beautifully , so colorful! When I first opened the box it smelled like delicious grape soda! I do a lot of subscription boxes for my daughters ( they love unboxing on YouTube! ) , this is one of my 2 favorites ever!

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The Adults & Crafts Crate on Jul 2020

Just got the first box! Looks like a really fun project! Something that I will definitely use in my home decor!

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SugarMuses® on Jul 2018

Just received my first box ( for my teenage daughter.). We unboxed together and were BLOWN AWAY by how beautifully this box is put together! The contents are so well thought out and put together and packaged with such artistry! The theme, the colors, the presentation.... I can’t say enough to do it justice!

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