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Quirky-Crate on Jul 2018

I am not one to buy something impusively or on a whim. When I saw this box and how much fun and quality it possessed, I was so excited! It seemed that this box was totally in line with everything I love. I thought the items inside would be really fun and unique. I looked at multiple reviews and unboxings and knew I had to try out the July box. I was telling all my friends how I was getting this super cute box and that they should get it too! I was highly anticipating this purchase and expected to get my money's worth. However, when I finally recieved it in the mail, I was extemely disappointed and felt cheated. The box is much smaller than it seems and the items inside are not impressive. When I first opened it and saw that there was something from Rifle Paper Co enclosed I was overjoyed because that is one of my favorite shops, but it happened to be an item I already had from there. As I continued to examine the items, I came across a cheap printed picture that they said was worth twelve dollars. I could've printed it off for free. Most of the items inside were neither unique nor expensive. The said value of the items was overexaggated to the point where they said the box was worth 94 dollars. However, it appears to me to not even be worth the thirty that I paid for it. Not...

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