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MexiCrate on Dec 2018

Paid for three boxes, only got two. I've reached out multiple times in hopes of getting my last box or a refund on it and got no response. Disappointing.

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MyLadyBug on Aug 2018

Packaging is discreet and it's not bad for the low price. I got chocolate that isn't available where I live and I always like trying new snacks, so I look forward to that. I'm not much of a tea drinker but I do deal with a lot of nausea, so the ginger in it might be perfect for that. I love that most (if not all) of the products are fair trade or environmentally friendly and I also just noticed there's an option for natural cotton pads/tampons as well, which is nice. The one thing that confused me a little at first was the birthday card and candles, but when I realized what it was for, I thought it was a very cute idea.

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Dice Envy on Aug 2018

I received my first package today and I actually really like the set I got! It'll be perfect for my gnome ranger. The metal die it came with is a really nice quality, too.

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The Blend Box on Jul 2018

Pleasantly surprised and impressed!

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MexiCrate on Jul 2018

It shipped super fast and there was a fair bit of variety. I wasn't expecting the box to be so full, considering I got the smallest box to try. I haven't had a chance to try all the sweets yet, but the few I have tried were tasty, even if the majority of them are some variation of mango flavored. I'll definitely try these again in the future!

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Magickal Folk on Jul 2018

I loved this box! The packaging was beautiful and the instructions for both rituals were simple and clear. I'm in love with the scent of the incense I got, too. I got the box half an hour ago and I'm already using it! The only thing I didn't like as much is there was no note identifying the piece of wood in the box (which I'm fairly sure is palo santo) and I would have liked a little card or something suggesting uses/intentions for the crystal. But, it did give me a chance to do my own research and learn about hawk eye, which I'd never heard of before. Great box, will definitely get it again in the future!

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