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Poorly Managed

Super Hero Crate, L.L.C. on Nov 2018

I really wanted this to be worthwhile. It seemed like an inexpensive way for me to geek out on some super hero stuff without investing a lot of time or money. Unfortunately the person running this service either has a lack of time and resources or a complete disregard for customer service and satisfaction. He comes across as someone that thinks he is doing you a favor by giving you what you paid for. He does not respond to emails unless you complain to cratejoy directly. His shipments after your first box go out about every 5 or 6 weeks if you are lucky. Otherwise the goods are decent, and you do get your moneys worth. I received my 2nd shipment 7 weeks after my first and my 3rd and final shipment 6 weeks after that.

1st box contained a batmanga shirt, superman socks, and 2 hawkman comics. 2nd box contained a joker tshirt, justice league socks, a nightwing and a spiderman comic. 3rd box was upgraded after I complained about the lack of communication and time between orders. I received guardians of the galaxy tshirt and shorts set, a green lantern graphic novel, and a flash button in that one. Worth mentioning that the seller said he was sending it out next day after apologizing for losing my initial email in his spam folder. He sent it a week later after I complained again saying that he got my zip code wrong and it was sent back to him...

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