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Some hits and misses

Modern Skyn Apothecary on Dec 2020

* Generous portions. Full size products that last well over a month.
* Good quality for the price.
* Visually appealing design. Makes them a great addition to your vanity.
* Thorough description of the ingredients and how to use.
* Poor customer service. I've reached out to the seller a couple times with various inquiries but have never heard back.
* Occasional damaged products. Last month, one of the liquid products leaked and a lot of the other products were soaked and slippery. This month, one of the bottles was completely shattered and there was nothing left inside. This coupled with the lack of customer service is not a good combination.
* Quality hasn't always been perfect. I've received eye cream, face oil, etc. that were too greasy even though the instructions said that they were not supposed to be greasy.

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Love it

Craftsman Crate on Nov 2020

I think this product deserves a higher rating. There is nothing quite like it. I loved the origami crate, which came with lots of high quality paper and tools that kept me busy for days. It was very soothing and mentally stimulating. I'm also impressed by the soapstone carving crate; pretty amazing that one of the stones is already roughed out to give you a head start while the other one is intact so that you can create one from scratch. It includes a complete set of tools you'll need, including a pencil and polishing cloth. Also, this seems to be the only craft subscription on this site that is gender neutral and therefore is great for those of us who love crafting but aren't into "traditionally feminine" designs. There are lots of DIY crates, but this one is truly unique, and I hope they stay in business forever.

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Total unique and fun

Sleuth Kings on Feb 2019

I've tried 4 other subscription boxes of the same genre and Sleuth Kings is the only one I decided to stick to. Clever puzzles, great stories, lots of interesting materials to work with.

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