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I lost my awesome review somehow

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company on Mar 2022

Ok...I lost m

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Close to perfect....

Magickal Earth on Nov 2021

I loved pretty much almost everything in my box very much except for the astrology booklet it just repeat the same thing the first an second half of the book it's not well informing continually throughout the book just repeats same thing. Other than that everything was awesome and I got a bonus huge I mean huge heart I was still am so stoked about,So Thank You so much.

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Broken glass bottle every where ruined .

Awakening in a Box on Oct 2021

I received today my box from you and upon opening it has all glass bottle leaked and pieces every where all over the box itself plus inside the oil completely broken,also my Palo Santo wood is ruined as well cause of the oil and the mother earth thing is soaked too,my whole box is ruined!!!!!! I also am missing stones as well but got the cards👿,my box was definitely not put together properly and I am demanding for my money's worth for you to send out immediately me a brand new one properly put together to me to keep your business in good standing reputation with me. I'll be waiting for my new box an not charged for it either immediately sent to me by fast shipping. P.s Even my card is soaked the curators it's all ruined. Please send me immediately a replacement box free of charge. This is the first time this has happened and the last. Thank you for sending me a new box out immediately and apology accepted. Thank you sincerely. I'll be waiting for my new box properly sent immediately.

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My first bag details below.

Una Spirit Medicine Bundles on Jun 2021

I can't thank Aly enough for the perfect bag she made for me,I received my (package color is my favorite -purple) for starters,second the pouch is of excellent leather and I love green because I love trees so I'm very picky with greens she picked the perfect color green but also with the light beige with it and the little gold heart on the front,plus my first heart selenite in my pouch I am stoked, I will keep it close to my heart definitely super happy lately I've been getting hearts I love it. I also got a small rounded box empty the top lid has a pink hand an heart painted on and her card that comes with the order was beautifully written from the heart indeed it's exactly what I need to do now so perfect timing.. Lastly I can't wait to get next month's box and I hope it's even more better cause I'm moving so my sub will be on hold for abit,i am wishing for a pouch for a new home blessings or to help me rid any bad spirits extra help better even though I am a witch myself many years never hurts,we witches ect.gotta stick together. The medicine bag didn't have no medicine in it (no herbs or resins) but again one of my favs. selenite heart, The necklace I got was very rusty looking brass like which no biggie I can add my real chains to it with feathers, fairies gold glitter...

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Got my first box!

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

Ok I promised I'd write a review once I got my box so here it is.
My box was very well put together with care. I couldn't waite to open it and so my only missing item was parchment paper which is ok no biggie but I got excellent service well worth the money. I love my box compared to the others I am satisfied. I can't waite for next months box. I'm so glad I found this online. Thank You The Witches Moon very much. Please keep my boxes coming.

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Awesome box to sub to.

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

I can't wait to see what I get in Novembers box. I truely want unicorn glitter and lots of bling an sparkles on my rocks. I love the oils esp.cause you get a stone in them. I'm a true Leo and we Leo's truely love rich velvety colors an fabricks and sparkles and tons of glitter things that make a statement as well as amazing rocks and strong oils ect. I'm delighted to be sub to this box each month. Also I love fairy stuff too as well as dark sweet scents I hope I get Palo wood in every box and copal resin to burn on my cauldron. Just dropping hints of what I need an want mostly as well as mortar and pestle and a tea reading cup and real copper dowsing rods super dupper awesome if I can get any of these in my boxes but please no more beeswax candles I'd rather something better in each box as a replacement please and thank you for all the thoughtful care you put into making these boxes just don't forget to check make sure nothing missing and tape up the boxes so nothing gets stolen when being shipped out. I regardless love my boxes from here.

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Missing two oils.

Magickal Folk Apothecary on Mar 2021

I just got my fist box and delighted with everything I have got. I just didn't receive two oils I only go

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Never received my first box this mth.

Le Noir Bazaar-The Dark Market on Jul 2020

I paid last month and this month for both boxes being my first ones and it's after the 16th both months and I never received my boxes,,, where's my boxes????? I sent a private message to you just now please let me know soon. Thank You very much.

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