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Wouldn't do it again

Lip Monthly on Jun 2021

I ordered in October and recieved November's. Wish I had gotten October's. It wasnt a full waste because I liked one product. But the rest are all junk. Like crayon wax. Wouldn't do again. Cancel for me. The bag is adorable but pretty cheaply made too. I'll check back in the future to see if its improved until then it's definitely a cancel.

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Still amazing

Goddess Provisions on Jun 2021

Month after month this is perfect in a box. Feed your soul and give yourself the gift of happiness. Gotta have it every single month. You are getting a perfectly curated box and huge value for your money. You will use every product in this box. It's amazing!

First box

Red Velvet NYC on Jul 2020

I wish I could post a video of my utter and sheer joy of this box. My first box ever came in the mail and I couldn't tear it open fast enough. The month of october was pumpkin cupcakes and a chocolate pecan torte. I followed each recipe according to given instructions the only thing I changed was I didn't use the included spices with the pumpkin cupcakes I used a spice called five spice since I personally find it makes pumpkin anything amazing. Both desserts turned out amazing. So perfect and so happy! I think this is perfect for kids and adults of any skill level!

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Chocolate and book on Oct 2018

I'm so in love! I have been on the lookout to try new books and I thought this would be perfect. It is unbelievably perfect! I am a few chapters into the book and I'm very happy. I get to try new books while eating my all time favorite chocolate! I look forward to more boxes! The only real suggestion I have is I would definitely put the chocolate in plastic wrap or more tissue paper in the summer months as I see that being a future issue but as it's cold currently in October my box arrived perfectly with nothing melted. The bookmark and hot cocoa was a very nice touch. I feel like it was a package that a caring family member had sent. So ecstatic! Thank you!!!

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Second and final box

Chocolate Subscription on Oct 2018

Okay so....update.... I received my subscription box from Jackie's chocolate yesterday (the 25th) and I have a few updates. First off, I loved every piece! I had peanut butter chocolates and others that were jam filled. I was overall pleased! The bad however... It took me emailing cratejoy and talking with cratejoy to get a single update about my box. I emailed Jackie's chocolate twice with absolutely no response. There are many negative reviews about them around the web and on Jackie's chocolate cratejoy listing and I was getting worried (plus the listing had been disabled and then relisted) so I sent cratejoy an email and immediately cratejoy was responding. Jackie's chocolate responded to cratejoy's emails and not mine. Cratejoy gave me tracking and the box didnt ship til a week later...which was after I sent cratejoy another email worried and cratejoy responded with Jackie's chocolate updated them and my box was on the way. It's for that sole reason I permanently canceled and won't be back. They have amazing chocolates but seriously to leave a customer to worry about getting a box and when it's near the end of the month. (And not to mention I paid for it on the 3rd of the month) Huge pass for me. Customer support needs seriously worked on.
I hope that helps anyone else thinking of subbing. My first month went smoothly the second however was really rough. I no longer reccomend them for this reason. I should have recieved an...

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