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Rose War Panty Power on Jul 2020

Thank you for your email. Fact is whether it’s knock off or not is not the issue... placing it on a card saying it costs 18 dollars is the issue. I’m okay with dollar store product because it’s honest. Also the panty tag has the letter “S” printed on the label not M for medium. You stated this was because your panties come a different size. Example you gave was: (not per say) if it comes large it may be a small large. Which would’ve been fine if it had of still said “M” for medium and then if it fit small what you stated would actually make sense but you sent a small marked by a letter “M”. Also see the photos attached in the email. The first photo is directly from their site. If you read the label from the first picture closely the bottle actually says "Rose Oil" from Modern Skyn Alchemy. The bottle you sent me shows "Rose water". If you go to the site, "Rose Water" is not listed. Nor do they sell Rose Water if you search the entire site. So I feel this was deceptive along with the bottle and label. Lastly, I liked your box for shipping, but expected a "RWPP (just the lettering AS SHOWN because as someone else stated I prefer privacy), labeled box as you have displayed on your shop on Cratejoy, but this is deceptive as well because even if I ordered a small box I expected to...

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