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The Adults & Crafts Crate on Jul 2020

That word says it all! My experience with this company has been simply incredible. Not only is their customer service top notch, friendly, responsive, and completely reliable, but (as a side note — j/k, haha) the crafts have been great. Quality materials, wonderful instructions and beautiful results. I have experience with a number of these subscriptions services and I have to say that my dealings with this company have been among the best. Not only have I learned new skills but my home is beautifully decorated and I’m routinely asked about my handcrafted items with awe. Keep up the great work and remember to keep the customer at the center of everything as your business grows and you find inevitable great success. Cheers!

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The Adults & Crafts Crate on Jul 2020

I’m now on my 2 or 3rd box with Adults and Crafts and I can’t say enough good things. I am impressed by the time put into curating the boxes and finding quality materials and tools, not to mention the incredible instructions. And if you’re ever in need, they’re very responsive with a rapid helping hand. My biggest rave is about their INCREDIBLE customer service. They really want to make a pleasant experience. So although the box contents may not always equal the cost of the service, they have a loyal customer here because they truly make you feel part of their crafting community - something priceless to me as Ive had a unique life experience, spending months at a time in hospital, desperate both for something to keep me busy and for human connection without obligation of constant presence (so many other art/crafting communities feel almost like a second job). Adults & Crafts gives me both something to busy myself as well as great, seasonal crafts to personalize an incredibly bland room lacking the personalization desperately needed when rounding month X. Thank you so much!!!
Side note: this was an unsolicited review. I simply wanted them to know that their incredible efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Keep up the great communication and customer service. Can’t wait for next month!!!

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Craft in Style Box on Jul 2020

I received diy kit this month and immediately loved the way all was packaged with clear labels and instructions, enabling even a complete novice to follow along. I received a candle kit and greatly enjoyed the project. I happen to have a disability that limits me to bed, chair, or hospital at all time and I use art and crafting both as a means of self-expression and social connection. Although this craft required the aid of my husband, we frequently craft or paint together and this kit provided a fun activity for date night. We love stepping out of our comfort zones together, trying things we’d never thought of doing ourselves. This monthly sub brings us the perfect opportunity. Thanks and keep the boxes coming!


Craft in Style Box on Jul 2020

I love this subscription!!! Yes, some of the projects can be a tad hit-or-miss but I experience that with every sub service I have experience with. Pop, however, is amazing with their subscribers, sending bonus mini-crafts and rewarding their customer loyalty as every good company should. They have excellent response if you’re unhappy with an aspect of the service and have even sent alternate instructions if a project is dissatisfactory to a particular client. Can’t be happier with their service and the variety of projects. I look forward to each and every box arrival. And the time their holiday-themed project arrived after the holiday? They, of their own accord, promised to send out yet another “bonus craft” to make up for the delay. If you’re looking for something that may push you out of your comfort zone as crafting goes, I highly recommend. If you are more particular about the types of crafts you prefer, there are other boxes that may serve you better. For me however, I am highly satisfied.


Craft Kitsune on Jan 2019

There have only been two months of boxes so far but I can tell this is going to be one of the best! Liz spends so much time curating and perfecting each box she sends out and fills them with high quality materials - no skimping or cutting corners to save a dime! She is incredibly communicative with her subscribers and ensures that all needs are met. Awesome job, Liz! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!!!

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