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Coffee and a Classic on Sep 2018

For those of us with degrees in English and focuses in 19th century British Lit...I love it! It’s right up my alley, and I’m part way through my classic. I love even more that it’s a book I haven’t read before!

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Awakening in a Box on Sep 2018

Received my first awakening box and I love it!!!!

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JOJO'S Relaxation Body Shop on Sep 2018

I received my first JoJo box, ironically at the end of a very hard/bad day. I could smell these amazing scents wafting out as I opened the box. To my utter happiness, it’s ahhh-maz-ing. Candle, mask, bath bomb, and more! It all looks beautiful, smells beautiful. I cannot wait to relax and unwind, and the JoJo box had perfect timing today!!!

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