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They use cast offs.

My Sci Fi Club on Jun 2018

They send out the exact same books as after There is zero imagination, and zero curation. Not worth it. As for the movie? It's got a clearance sticker from a dollar store on it. Do not go with this one. It's so very not worth it.

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They have great customer service, but..

My Sci Fi Club on Jun 2018

I was contacted after cancelling my subscription due to the review I left previously regarding the contents of the box. They offered to make it right, and I said sure. They sent me a second box, at their own expense, which was nice, and included a handwritten note. But... the books included were book 40 in the discworld series, book 2 in another series, and the movie was number 3 in a series. I'm not going to buy 42 items just to get use out of these three. So - if you're one of those people who doesn't mind reading things out of order in a series, or watching movies out of order in a series, go for it.

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Can't beat it

BookCase.Club on Jun 2018

Two books for ten dollars is a steal. The books are well picked for each category. I have a library of over 8,000 books and they have never sent me a duplicate. While not all of the books that come in are ones that I decide to keep in my collection, I have definitely expanded my reading comfort zones. These boxes really allow me to branch out. (And they force me to buy more books in cases where I really, really enjoyed the author's work that they selected and thus must go out and buy all the rest of their published works to read.) If you love books, this is definitely the subscription for you.

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Misplaced Muse Creative on Jun 2018

This box was out of this world. Three books and a handful of goodies to go with it. ~10 items all told. Could not ask for a better curation or a better value. Love it!

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