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A Wonderfully Bitter Sweet Subscription

Dice Envy on Jun 2020

(This is all subjective and just my personal opinion/feelings)
Sometimes the variety/curation feels like the month that I spent waiting for it to come was all for a set that I couldn't even give away to my friends...
And then comes the set of dice that blows me away and has me sending pictures of it to my D&D group; a set that makes the few months in between amazing ones worth it.

All in all, the sets really are great, even if some of the ideas behind the themed ones are not my personal style. The variety in materials and ideas behind the bolder ones shows that there are people behind this subscription box really attempting to make an effort in delivering good dice for all people.

P.S. - When there is ever a hold-up or issue with shipping/delivery (which is rare), they always make up for it with extra dice

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