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I have lost interest and changing boxes.

GeekGear on Feb 2020

This used to be my favorite box. Some products are the same every month. The T-Shirt. Most designs are fine but it would be great for them to branch out with other colored shirts and designs too.

The monthly Tea. While they are pretty and smell great, I am not a tea drinker, so all of those are a miss for me and the tea accessories they sent also. I know some people do enjoy it and that's part of the chance you take with the box I know, it just was putting money out there every month for something I am not going to use.

When you send out jewelry, you really need to make sure on the length of chains and bracelet width. Not everyone is one size fits all. I gave those away

When you send out a beater, and other Quidditch items, perhaps give a display box so they aren't rolling around on my shelf. Probably one of my least favorite replicas.

So the new monthly collector item's will be a Charm for the Bracelet that just came out this month. Each month you get a new Charm. While it's cute, the bracelet size again, it a bit small.

One other thing, they send a happy birthday cake replica from the one Hagrid made Harry. It's an ornament they say. There no place on it to use a hook. Hmm.

I hope Geek Gear takes time to read reviews and maybe from watching some un-boxing's, the items...

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Sensibox Blah

SensiBox by Spiced UP on Nov 2018

I was really disappointed with this box. The Pipe was the best thing about it. For 35.00 there are so many other better boxes and found one with a changing monthly theme that looks like fun.

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