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Misplaced Muse Creative on Mar 2021

Great book and excellent tea! It wasn’t a book I would’ve chosen for myself but I’m really glad I read it. The tea was Lavender Earl Grey and it was delicious. I can’t wait for my next book and beverage!

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Dispatch on Dec 2018

This was so much fun! I just got the first box of On the Run (there will be 7 boxes total it says) and I loved how much stuff I could discover online about the characters and this world it’s set in. There is a mini mystery for each box and they tell you what needs to happen for you to consider the box solved so I felt like I accomplished something with it even though there’s more to the story. I can’t wait for the next box!

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Absolutely gorgeous

Coffee and a Classic on Nov 2018

I’ve gotten two boxes so far and I love everything thing about them! I had debated for a long time about whether to pay extra for the bigger box and I’m very glad I took the risk because it was definitely worth it for the coffee mugs alone. The To Kill A Mockingbird mug is now the one I use for coffee every single day.

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