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Disappointment is strong with this one.

Work • Space • Spark on Apr 2022

Wow. I don't think I've ever been so utterly disappointed in a box before. If I remember correctly this box came out to around $55-$60. I literally got a journal, a pen case, BIC HIGHLIGHTERS, screen cleaner, and a "career goals" thing I could have come up with, printed out, and stapled together myself. Total value? Cause I'm not counting a printout $52. If I wanted to subscribe to only an online training situation, I would have done it for free through my company.
I don't even have any use for highlighters....or screen cleaners for that matter.... the journal and pen holder are cute but I have journals coming out of my ears.
Please tell me this is the intro box and the real one will be showing up momentarily? I signed up for the cool boxes shown in the past boxes section and the unboxing video!

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6 Weeks between boxes **UPDATED 12/29**

Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly on Jul 2020

UPDATE 12/29/19
Just received OCTOBER box before Christmas. Two months late. Cancelled before December payment came out. Otherwise I would be about to renew AGAIN on 1/1. Still haven’t even received the November box.
Quality has gone down as cost has gone up in the past year. Now it’s a lot of postcards/stickers or some weird non-fandom theme (Space?) Shipped in a bubble envelope instead of what used to be a fun and well curated box.
Melanie- Life gets in the way. We all get that. But if you can’t at least maintain your business, send a message to your subscribers and stop charging them until you can get it together. Stop letting more people sign up for something they won’t get for months. You still have a good overall rating, but if you keep going like this, that will change, and you will lose more subscribers. I loved this box so much that I gave you a full 6 months to get back on track. Let me know when you get back to where you were a year ago. I’ll happily give it another shot.
*On a POSITIVE NOTE! The October box I waited over 2 months for was actually almost as good as the boxes from a year ago. Jewelry was neat. Cool earrings that my Niece commandeered. Well themed (Alice in Wonderland). Awesome Collectable pin.
Had I reviewed this box when I first signed up it would have gotten 5 stars. Since then, however, it seems the quality of...

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