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Best Japan snack box

Bokksu on Jun 2018

I've subscribed to many Japanese snack/candy boxes, but out of all of them, Bokksu is my favorite. The products are picked with thoughtfulness, either following a specific theme, season, or just how they complement each other. You're also given a few of each so that you can indulge in your favorites. Each box also comes with a short description of each piece, and sometimes a bit of trivia which I like. And, quite to my surprise, they also include allergen info. (Very considerate of them). However what I like most about Bokksu is the uniqueness of their snacks and candy. They are well crafted, made with premium ingredients, and each has a wonderful flavor that I can't find in other kinds of subscription boxes. I really enjoy this box, and I hope others will try it out too.

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