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Bochy’s Box for victims of trafficking

Bochys Box on Jun 2021

I’ve received 5 boxes now from Bochy’s Box. Items curated are a mix of whimsical and practical but always fun. In my opinion not every subscriber will 100% love every item in every box....but this last box and the box before came very close for me! For example the beach hat was perfect! I used it all summer. They could lay off the scrunchies for me personally, but honestly it’s a great mix of home, fashion, positive vibes, jewelry and beauty items. It’s also a mix of higher end and Target type items....I love both! I’ve done sub boxes for years although normally it was a particular theme such as makeup or nail polish or beach-ocean themed items. I’ve done 2 of the type of sub boxes that are a broad blend like Bochy’s Box. For me the Bochy’s box is right up there with the nicer boxes and not nearly as expensive. Who cares if something comes from Target? I love Target! Also I’ve been involved in interceding for sex trafficking victims for years and women’s prison ministry for 11 years.... some of whom fall in the prior category, so you better believe that the bigger picture is always at the forefront when I open my Bochy’s Box. I commend the Bochy’s team for their hard work, creativity and sacrifice. If anyone is considering trying out Bochy’s Box, this box comes with my highest recommendation. Remember there is no perfect box. I’ve tried at least 10. Bochy’s comes very...

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