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Unplugged Book Box on May 2022

Errr... confession: I am not a young adult, but I have really enjoyed this box the last 2 months. The last 2 boxes have had a glass and a mug that are hands down my favorite glass and mug now. While the books are definitely "light" reading for an adult, they are still really interesting reads. The boxes themselves are put together with such thoughtfulness and care that you can't help but feel like you're being wrapped in a handmade, warm knitted blanket in the middle of a cold winter. I am not sure how Unplugged keeps the magic going each month, but the themes are fantastic and so are the box contents... great job!

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Saint-of-the-Month on May 2022

Can't find anything to get for that devout Catholic in your life? Or maybe you want to learn more about the Saints yourself? This is the box for you!
I sent my mom this box for November. A devout Catholic, there is very little that can wow her, but this box made her day when she opened it, and it has brought her such joy everyday as she has gone through the activities! The box was split up into clearly labeled weekly bundles and everything in the box was well thought out and included to be able to lead the recipient on a journey of faith. The box was such a hit I signed her up for a year's subscription. Great job on making such an amazing box!

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Pens are not cheap...

CLOTH & PAPER on Sep 2021

Main Point: These are not $5 Walmart boxes! I don't usually write reviews, but this really irked me, so... here it goes...
I found this box to be a lot of fun and a good mix of excellent quality and commonly used Japanese pens. The thing about a box like this is that part of what you are paying for is to have someone else go out there and find/choose pens for you to try out so that you don't have to buy a dozen of something & pay shipping, only to find out that you don't like the pen at all. I am extremely picky with what pens I like, so I was perfectly thrilled to have someone send me 6 of them to try at $3/pen, which, if you know anything about specialty Japanese pens, is not a ridiculous cost. Sure, if you are lucky and live right next to a Japanese megastore in the States, maybe you can get them for cheaper, but for the majority of us, that's not an option.
That said, I went and priced the box out because I was fairly irritated about the comment below about this being a "$5 Walmart box." So... here you go... a public service for everyone... Two of the pens were $1/pen on Amazon *if* you bought 10 of them in the multi-colored pack, which included colors you could never use, so more like $2/pen. Another pen was about $3 if you bought a dozen. Then there's...

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So cute!

Paper Kitty on Dec 2018

I ordered the November box and it was full of such cute stuff that I ordered the December box as well. I didn't think it was quite as cute, but that is just a personal taste issue and has nothing to do with the seller's efforts or the selection of things in the box. The boxes are such a reasonable cost for what you receive, so I don't know how they aren't selling out every month- they are definitely a hidden gem on this website!
Anne- my box took a *really* long time to get here this month... *way* beyond the reasonable period. Usually I get it in 2-3 days, but it took until around the 17th. The postmark was definitely around the right date, so I guess it was just sitting in a USPS place somewhere hanging out (aka a USPS vortex). Maybe yours got lost in the same black hole? :( I'd be happy to share my box with you if you would like... just let me know! Happy Holidays!

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