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I'm impressed and delighted!

Everyday Manifest on Nov 2018

There are two primary reasons I’m obsessed with the Everyday Manifest 30-day subscription box. First, the mindful guidance toward shifting possibility into reality in daily, baby steps really speaks to me. For someone like me this removes the barrier of overwhelm and allows for steady, digestible progress. Not to mention, it eliminates the “failure to launch” syndrome that I often associate with something that feels too big to start. The prompts and daily work are thought provoking in a way that allows me to customize my responses toward my specific goals. And second, I very much appreciate the minimalist approach to the contents of the box. Not only is it eco-friendly, which I hope we can all get behind, but there’s nothing extraneous to clutter up my house. The journal feels luxuriously buttery, I love the multiple-purposes of several of the contents and the overall clean, geometric design and straightforward presentation inspire me to get to work. Thank you Everyday Manifest!

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