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Lots and lots and lots of stickers!!

Violette Sticker Club on Jul 2020

First of all, I love Violette stickers. I make my own greeting cards and Violette can be the perfect touch. I was very excited about this subscription, b/c Violette is also pricey
I’m overall happy with my first set. The artistic quality isn’t up to Violette standards in some of them, but the quantity is amazing. Perfect timing for Valentines. I’m looking forward to additional months of stickers and to that beautiful Violette craftsmanship.

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I’m with Merle

CLOTH & PAPER on Nov 2019

I can’t believe how substandard this is. I just read Merekes review, and I just want to say “Ditto” I got a bunch of 6 hole inserts I can’t use. Two postcards instead of 4, one package of stickers. The pens? MEH. The Staedtler highlighter is good quality. I know, because I use them. I’ve just never seen them in beige.... I have a set of the Monami plus pens. I gave them away because they’re not so great. The white plastic highlighter? Broken. I also got some cool thing. All the packaging is in Japanese, so I have no idea what it is, and it’s not on the blog. The Tombow pwn works well, but beige..I’m keeping the pens that work, the 2 postcards, and the tiny beige (!) journals. I’m sending the rest back to you all. Feel free to send it along to some other beige loving sucker with $$$ to toss around

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