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The Paper Crate on Jun 2021

I am impressed with both the contents and the customer service from The Paper Crate!
First, let's focus on the box. It arrived quickly, and contained everything to make 4 cards using different techniques and lots of paper left over! Each card has its materials in it's own cellophane bag so after you are finished with the card, you can store it back in the bag and seal it - giving it a very professional look. This box had 2 sets of stamps, 2 mini ink pads, a full size Nuvo Crystal Drops, a whole sheet of 3D foam squares, and all the embellishments required. There are instruction sheets that are well written with photos for each card and it appears that each box focuses on a different learning area. There is a cover letter that tells everything in the box as well as a nice list of pro tips that are really useful! On top of all that was a hand written thank you!! This was my first mailing from The Paper Crate, so I also received a box that contained items that I'd need to get started. The only supplies you'd need to add is a paper trimmer, a fine tip glue pen, and scissors.
As for customer service, it's phenomenal! I contacted The Paper Crate through their Facebook page and almost instantly, I got a reply and a solution as well as an exceptionally nice person to deal with! I was really impressed.
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Really not great jerky

ClubJerky on Apr 2019

I bought the largest package offered by Club Jerky (4 pk) for my husband for Christmas and got it for 6 months. My husband loves GOOD jerky and this sounded like something that he would enjoy.
First, I must comment on the mailer. The 4 packages of jerky arrived in a bag mailer and not a box as pictured. So don't expect what is in the photo.
Now - for the jerky. I was hugely disappointed. My husband didn't like most of them and I was the same. It was lucky to find one good one out of the 4. I think out of all 6 of the mailings, he liked 3 or 4 of them. That's awful with the amount of money I paid. He actually came to dread the shipment and was happy to find out the last one had arrived. Not good.
Quality of the jerky - well, some were real jerky... actual slices of beef dried. Others were soft, ground up "hamburger" like jerky, some were very soft and mushy, some needed refrigerated, while others didn't. One that didn't MOLDED in less than 2 weeks of being opened. I've NEVER seen anything like that before - even with the type that needed refrigeration and wasn't. There was also a type that was ground up - much like the jerky "tobacco" that was popular with the kids years ago.
So, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I can buy Jack's Links and get as good or even...

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