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Wonderful self-care box

Mama Needs Box on Jun 2021

This box is a great surprise every month. Like a little Christmas present. All the items are especially curated to help mom's (or just women in general) remember to take care of themselves every now and then. If we just took a little bit of time each day, each week for ourselves, we function so much better elsewhere in our lives, whether it be home or job or whatever. If you don't know where to start, I would start with this box as all the thinking and planning has already been done for you. Some things are new to try and may just end up being a regular treat for you. For me, it was bath/shower scrubs. I love those. When you feel good outside, it will work it's way inside. Some things are old habits of mine, but I don't do enough. This box reminds me to do them more often (drinking a cup of tea or lighting a candle to brighten up my space, especially with winter coming). And others are just cute AND useful (hair accessories, nail care, etc). You will not regret this box.

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