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Great toys, price is steep

Hoppi Box on Jun 2021

Overall, I have been very pleased with the Hoppi Box. I absolutely love the quality of the toys. The wooden toys have been beautiful and durable. My son has had two boxes so far. I would say the first box was a bigger hit. He plays with those toys constantly, especially the stacking/nesting boxes. The toys in the second box haven't held his attention quite as steadily, so it will be interesting to see his response to the third box. Shipping has been right on time and everything is in great shape. My one real downside, is although I love the toys, I feel as though they're too steeply priced. I'm glad I purchased the box once but I don't know that I will purchase it again at the same price. I paid $66/box. I would say even if it was decreased to $50/box I would absolutely purchase again! It comes with an insert to show the price of each component, so that is nice, but I would never pay that price for each individual component. Overall, I'm really happy. The price point is the one negative for me.

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