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The Christmas gift that lasts all year!

Just Me WD on Sep 2019

I purchased this subscription for my 7 year old twin grand daughters last Christmas. They are so happy when the box arrives. Every item fits their American Girl Dolls perfectly. The curation of the products is perfect. There is a lot of thought put into what goes in the box each month. Each month the selection is seasonal and well put together. For instance, one month there was a tote bag for the dolls, the seller made sure to include 2 totes and personalized each one with the girl's initials. One month she included 2 sleeping bags, one for each girl. There is no fussing over who gets what.

The girls are so cute when they open the box. Each item is individually wrapped in tissue. They each take three items without opening them. Then they open them one at a time and play a swapping game, it is so cute!

I feel like this purchase was one of my best yet!

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