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Sleuth Kings on Jan 2019

We ordered 3 different boxes like this for Christmas. We enjoy sitting around with the kids and solving the mysteries. Out of the 3 boxes, this one was our least favorite. The clues were way too hard and when e-mailing for help the hints weren’t much help either. A lot of work, we put it away 3 times before we finished it as we got frustrated. The one good thing about this box was the quality of the paper products and clues on the inside. So for that I am moving it from 1 Star to a 2

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Escape the Crate on Jan 2019

This box was a lot of fun. The clues were fun and getting help was really easy when stuck. The only thing I didn’t like was the quality of the clues. Most items were just printed out on plain paper and it looked like the printer was almost out of ink. But the story made up for the lack of quality in the paperwork.

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RunLocker on Jan 2019

I get it was over priced. I don’t think the items that were inside equaled the price of the box.

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