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Like you are on a cop/detective show!

A Killing Affair on Jul 2021

I recently finished the first season and had to order more. This is just so well done! You get a file folder with witness statements, a case report, and autopsy results for each victim, and there are little evidence bags. Over 5 boxes, the story develops, and you clear some suspects with each box. So much thought went into all of the details! I highly recommend this subscription.
Also, I may or may not have actually squealed after seeing the first letter addressed to Detective with my last name- probably not the best look for a woman in their mid-thirties but that is how much it tickled me....


The standard to which I judge all boxes

Escape the Crate on Jul 2021

I absolutely love Escape the Crate! I have gotten really into escape/mystery boxes this past year during the pandemic and have done more than 80 different boxes from a variety of companies. These consistently rank at the top for me.
Each box has a well plotted and interesting storyline that fully explores the theme of the box. There is a wide range of puzzles, including visual, audio, logic, math, cryptography, and more. And there is an excellent and extensive hint system. I really enjoy that you can listen to audio of the story instead of reading a lot of stuff. And they recently added videos! While the voice over is fun if a bit amusingly corny, the visual shots are stunning. The shots included in the Camelot videos were so cool!
I have always been fascinated by the Arthurian legends and have been lucky enough to visit places like Tintagel Castle and Glastonbury that are connected with them. I completely geeked out over the Camelot box that I just finished, which prompted me to finally write this review that I have been meaning to do for months. It lived up to my expectations and did justice to the legends!
I cannot recommend these enough!

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