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Absolutely Perfect!

Boxy Momma on Aug 2020

I subscribe to a lot of boxes. This is one that “knows me” as a mom. The items inside are perfect, especially for us moms going through rough times with our children and their future, with everything going on in the world. It’s a little reminder that we’re not alone. A great gift idea for a mom too! All of the products are excellent quality. It was packaged nicely and carefully. I look forward to my next box! Thanks so much!

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So cheap!

Sending Spoons on Jan 2019

I was so disappointed when I received this box. Customer service was slow until I tried to cancel the first time, but not when I emailed them looking for my package. It took forever to arrive. They were about to renew my subscription and I didn’t even receive the first one, so I can a canceled it. When it did arrive, I couldn’t believe how much I paid for about $6.00 worth of products! I even received a dog toy and I don’t have a dog! I understand sending a dog toy if you knew in fact someone did have a service dog or dog, but really? The mug was cute, but looked used. The little packages of candy and lotions were nice and all, but literally so cheap. Candy, a broken chocolate spoon and a cheap sleep mask? It basically looked like dollar store stuff. Sorry, but I’m definitely not impressed.

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Cute, but not worth the price

Delightful Life Box on Jan 2019

I love home decor and little fun things. When I received this box, although it was cute and had nice products, it was not worth the price I paid, especially for a petite box. I canceled after the first one. Good customer service though.

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Loved it!

Personalize with Style on Jan 2019

I signed up for this subscription box because I can NEVER find my name on anything! When I received my first box, I was so excited! The products were great and the best part was the makeup bag with my name on it. Considering I’m addicted to makeup, this was perfect! I can’t wait until my next one!

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My Fashion Crate on Jan 2019

I ordered my first essential box and I loved it! The quality of the products were wonderful and all something I could use. I just ordered a past box from their website and cannot wait for my next one!

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