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Loved the detective work!

Deadbolt Mystery Society on Oct 2020

This is my first box and I dug in straight away as i wanted to have enough time to cancel my next months subscription if it was not up to par. I am glad to say, I enjoyed this very much and I am looking forward to my next box.
The only reason it 4/5 is because of the logic puzzle aspects. Don't get me wrong, they worked them into the story very well, but I am more interested in true detective work and deduction based on motive, means, and opportunity.

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Terminal, Little too Escape roomy...

Deadbolt Mystery Society on Jul 2020

Just finished Terminal and I was a little disappointed. It felt too much like an escape room game, than a murder mystery. It was all puzzles, and many made no sense as far as detective work goes. I mean having to solve a logic puzzle to determine where passengers were seated, doesn't make since, because the information was provided by the airline, in which case they could have just told you were everyone was seated. Or why would an airline have a secret coded napkin?
So far this is my second box, hopefully future boxes will have real detective work involved, such as working through timelines, motives, and opportunities, not just anagrams and ciphers.

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