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Fun experience at a good price.

Autograph of the Month Club on Jun 2021

In a time when there are what seems like hundreds of mystery boxes, I found this one and love it. If you collect autographs, which is why we're all here, this is the one for you.
It's random, you might not know the person, but so far the celebrities have been from popular shows/franchises. Even if you don't know the character, the included letter provides a nice intro. I find that it's fun realizing some of the people are parts of shows we've all most likely watched over the years.
As for value, the possibility of not knowing or wanting may bring it down for some. I look at it from a convention/box perspective though. Minimum range for an actual celebrity tends to be 25-30 if not a bit more. This is $20+$3 shipping. A mystery box can contain stuff you like, but a lot of the stuff was just clutter, or doubles. This provided a good value and no real clutter.
It must be noted, this isn't intended for resellers...just collectors that want to broaden their horizon, so to speak.

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