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Low Quality Service, Mediocre Chocolate

Jackie's Chocolate on Jul 2019

TLDR: I'd rather go to the store and get a box of chocolate every month. It would be more reliable, I'd get what I want every time, and it would probably be cheaper.
The box regularly arrives late, or not at all. When the seller apologized for the missed shipment, they said they would send an extra box... and never did. We're moving in two weeks, and we'll see if they can manage to take the address update.
While there is a large variety of options inside a single box, almost all of them repeat within a month or two. It feels a lot like there is a chocolate store somewhere that just ships out the leftovers at the end of every month. I also get a ton of advertising emails; maybe once a week? It's too much.
It would also be nice to get an inset telling me what chocolates are what. Between my husband and I, we like almost everything... but each of us has specific tastes and we'll often end up switching chocolates.

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