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A Great Gift for Fashionable Young 20s

Culture Carton on Sep 2019

I gave this as a 6 month gift subscription to my 23 year old son. He loved it so much, I ended up extending it. My son aims to be cultured and the book selections are an excellent mix of old and new - definitely all things someone well read should touch on.
The fashion is mostly good - on trend for sure. He particularly loved a watch he received. Many of the gadgets have been fun and useful for him as well.

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Mediocre Service & Products

Treats on Jan 2019

I called 1x and emailed 2x before ordering, trying to make sure there wouldn't be confusion with multiple subs to the same house. Ha Ha. It was confusing on the web site and customer service is actually giving me somewhat of a bad time because I didn't receive ONE of three orders. Like, the implication is I'm trying to get free stuff from them. It's annoying and rude and after these subs run out, we will be DONE with Treats.
Further - if you are into unusual snacks, have access to a lot of ethnic foods, you might find the selections pedestrian. 80% of what was sent (Italy & Turkey) we can find here in the NW. I live in Seattle & travel to Vancouver BC a lot, so we have wide access. If you don't have that kind of access, you will probably be happy with the selections because they are mostly quality.

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