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Someday my box will come

Red Star Vintage on May 2020

I'm generally a patient person and I wasn't going to leave a review, but people need to know how this box works. You will get charged every month and not receive a box. After the first month I contacted the seller and he gave me a reasonable explanation and let me know I'd get my first box and then my second box would ship on time. After I didn't get my first and second boxes I contacted him again and got another explanation and decided to be patient, again. Well, I was really thrilled when I got emailed the tracking number for all three of my packages. Well, now it's been 9 days and it still says my package is in Pre-shipment. The label has been created but USPS hasn't received the package yet. I would suggest that this box is only for people who don't mind waiting literally months for what you have paid for.

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