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Great for Teambuilding

Finders Seekers Mysteries on Dec 2018

This game was purchased as a one-off Christmas package and was a fun way to engage with each other during the holiday. The contents were interesting and thought-provoking. The online aspect required a laptop which was not a problem for us, but should be planned for in advance. (Not something to take camping!) The regional backstory was interesting and educational; it didn't directly tie into the puzzles themselves, but gave a backdrop for the puzzles to hang on if you will. The best part of this experience for us was seeing how each puzzle triggered insight from a particular player to solve it. We each brought something to the table and were able to work quickly as a whole. The projected game time of 3-5 hours turned into only about 90 minutes for us (four mature adults) which was perfect, but I can see how each set of puzzles would be a different challenge for each group of people. While we are not yet ready for a regular subscription, we will definitely recommend to friends as a novel entertainment and will revisit as a treat for holidays and family get-togethers!

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