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It feels good to help others

Anchor of Hope Box on Jul 2020

I initially ordered the Anchor of Hope box to support programs to help women around the world. I was delighted to find that I also love the items in the box. I loved the trivet in my February box, it is unique and useful. The hand made bracelet in my January box was a little tight on my wrist, but it is hanging from my rear view mirror now and brings joy every time I drive. It was even more of a delight seeing the return address label and realizing it originated less than an hour from where I live!

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Such a FUN subscription!

SpearCraft Book Box on Apr 2019

I just finished the March book ~ Arthurian legend in space with inclusive pronouns; AMAZING! My second box arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to open it. The swag inside was all my favorites; lip balm, a mug, travel candle, and book marks . . . and of course a brand new book for me to devour. I am soooo glad I gave the SpearCraft Book Box a try. I am hooked.

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Exceeded my expectations!

Awakening in a Box on Feb 2019

I received my very first Awakening in a Box and I am thrilled with everything inside! The artwork is exquisite. The stones are about the size of the center of my palm and came with helpful explanations on individual cards. And there was an extra surprise included that was both valuable and one of my favorite things (I won't spoil the surprise.) I am really looking forward to the coming months!

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This box made my day

Introverts Retreat on Jan 2019

I loved finding my first introvert's Retreat in my mailbox. I started reading the book that night, then saved my place with the cool bookmark. The little notebook is beautiful. The body butter smells lovely without being overpowering. I am eagerly anticipating the next installment!

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