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What a beautiful arrangement!

BloomsyBox on Jun 2018

What a beautiful arrangement! The box it was delivered in was a perfect size for it, the flowers were secured well, and the wrapping was super cute to open up. The flowers are perfectly cut to sit nicely in a vase and it came with a package of plant food which I really appreciated! My flowers arrived in great condition and smell wonderful! I've had them for two days now and the flowers still look very fresh. I wish I could include a picture!

What a fun box& great value!

Surprise My Pet on Jun 2018

I've tried A LOT of different dog boxes and this one is one of my favorites! The box its self is bright and fun. I really liked the contents. The treats were new to me but my dog loved them both! The toys were very size appropriate which seems to be hit or miss with some other boxes. As an organization, I love that they donate 10% of profits to charities and shelters and that they used products that got their start on Shark Tank! The value of this box is fantastic - almost $50 worth of stuff for just $25!

What a Great Brand!

PupJoy on Jun 2018

We are SO happy with PupJoy! Not only is it affordable, but all of the products they use are top-notch quality. I love that I’m getting artisan manufactured treats and not big label brands that always seem to have recalls! I think the best thing about PupJoy is how incredibly personalized it is. We’re actually currently undergoing a food trial for potential allergies for our Frenchie, so it’s great to know that no matter what the results, PupJoy will always be an option. They have grain free as well as protein sensitive (beef/chicken/dairy free) options. Our first box was the Organic box and I love that none of the treats are clearly labeled with no sketchy ingredients, and my dog seems to love the taste of all of them. His favorite thing is actually a Planet Dog rubber ball-type toy. I love it because it keeps him entertained, I know it is safe, and it actually smells really good (peppermint-y)! PupJoy is great because that they offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly delivery options. Monthly is just too much for us so the other options are fantastic and no one else offers that! We are so so happy with Pupjoy, and it helps that they are a socially conscious company that support other businesses and charities.

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Love my Bloomin' Bin!

Bloomin' Bin on Jun 2018

Bloomin' Bin is just great! I chose the premium container garden option as I live in a town home, and it comes with everything you need to get your garden started! Not only did it include the essentials (pot, seeds, plant food, soil) but there was also a fun little project included. I received strawberry plants and Bloomin' Bin made it super easy to get them started. The sign-up process was seamless as well. I can't wait to see my plants start to grow!

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