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Excellent Product, Excellent Box!

STICKII Club on Jun 2021

I ordered this box as a self-treat, and I just received my first box a few days ago. I am highly satisfied with the contents, and I can't wait for the next one. This subscription is a great idea if you're into art, crafty stuff, send snail mail, or use a lot of stationary.
Shipping was a perfectly adequate wait-time, and I received excellent communication from STICKII, who sent me a notice when my order was placed, when my box was shipped, and when it was reported delivered.
The stickers arrived in perfect condition with everything that was promised in my Pop Pack, plus some unexpected extras: a convenient plastic binder sheet for organization and label stickers! So if you're worried about protecting your stickers or storing them, they've got you covered. The binder sheet is standard A5 6-hole binder size, with multiple pockets.
All of the stickers I received were made by STICKII, but they were actually even higher-quality than I was expecting them to be. There's a good mix of flat-color and metallic stickers that are really unique and fit into the monthly theme. I can't wait to use them, honestly.
Packaging was in a sealed flat envelope with visible STICKII branding (with their contact info on the back, nice touch), and a cute package design. The stickers inside were protected by the plastic binder sheet.
Communication with the shop was smooth, easy & courteous. When I briefly thought I might have a problem with my package's delivery address, Taylor...

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Fantastic First-Time Experience!

FaceTory on Dec 2019

I received my first box just over a week ago, and was immediately struck by the charming packaging. My package contained everything that was promised (4 nice, individually-sealed sheetmasks), but I was also pleased to find a small, additional sheet explaining the main ingredients, brand information, and unique points of each mask inside, which you can keep or discard at your preference (I'll be keeping mine, so that I know which companies make the masks I *really* love).
I've tried three of the four masks so far, and I love them! Each product has been very high-quality. All 4 masks seem very different from each other, and I appreciate the variety.
So far, this seems like a great way to try out new masks without having to go hunting through beauty sites, product recommendations, and buying larger amounts of products that I don't know if I'll like.
Tl;dr: I've loved my first box, great first impression, delivered on every promise, and I can't wait for my next box!
Note: the "box" the masks came in was not a cardboard box, but a flat, sealed package. It's very distinctively decorated, so you're unlikely to miss it, but its good to know. :)

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Fantastic for Rock Collectors!

Crystal Gemstone Shop on Apr 2019

I loved this rock box! A full 5/5 stars, would buy again.
As a geology student, I've been collecting rocks for a long time, and my collection is extensive. I originally thought that this box would only contain a few tumbled samples of common minerals/gemstones in nice, pretty cuts (which was fine by me, I'd have been perfectly happy with more pretty tumbled stones), but I ended up getting some very unique, less-common minerals and gemstones!
I would highly recommend this box for any long-time collectors and rock-lovers, especially those who enjoy getting something new and interesting every month.
If you're interested in learning more about rocks and minerals, this package would be a great jumping-off point for your own self-led research.
Additionally, if you're more into crystal-healing or spiritual(?) uses for minerals, each of the packages comes with a lovely little packet that explains the cultural and spiritual (metaphysical?) meanings associated with all of the minerals included in the package.
I ordered the monthly subscription for two rock samples and a selection of small rock-chips. Every month, I was sent exactly what I ordered with nothing missing. There were also much more of those tiny rock-chips than I had expected as well! Usually at least 2 to 5 ounces of chips. Each of the two larger rock samples were consistently between 1 and 4 ounces apiece, and maybe ~3-4 cm. in diameter, on average. All were pretty solid samples; good to use as a worry-rock, put under a microscope, or display on a...

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Purchased for a Birthday Gift - Perfect

Bell Lap Coffee on Feb 2019

This was an excellent choice!
I purchased a one-time, non-renewing 12-oz. bag of unground espresso beans as a birthday gift for my dad. It arrived earlier this week, and made a perfect gift for my coffee-loving (and rather coffee-snobbish) dad.
My package arrived promptly, with a preceeding gift email to my dad, and with everything that was promised! And the quality of the product was honestly even better than I expected (gorgeous aroma, fulll-bodied creama, and tasty enough that even my dad was impressed).
I was also pleased by the fact that the espresso bag was filled almost to bursting with beans! Unexpected, but wonderful.
Between the quality and volume of this coffee, I think it's very well worth the price! I am highly satisfied, and even though I bought this coffee as a one-time gift, I'm honestly considering making it a monthly subscription.
Tl;dr: GREAT product for a very fair price, and I'm a highly-satisfied customer who'd be happy to purchase again.

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