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Absolutely dissapointed

Goddess Provisions on Feb 2019

I was really waiting for my box and had some expectations.
1st: I received it 10 days later because of the shipping in Canada
2nd: I was really surprised to see a super small box
3rd: The total value is probably around 10 $US and far away from "100$"
4th : Like some other products in the web, the pictures on the website and socialmedia looks WAY MORE better than the reality.
-The crystal is not a really good one ( I'm used to buy somes),
- I received some chocolates - no link with spirituality-
-the "wodden crystal sphere" is absolutely cheap and certainly not in wood. If you want a really good one you actually have to buy one with "the special code".
- The" cosmic dust spray" is just a small plastic bottle with water smelling miont inside and a label !!!
Well, they obvisouly have a superb marketing team and strategy trough Instagram, newsletter and editorial content.
But at the end the product themselves are absolutely cheap, not spiritual or sacred.
I totally recommand to AVOID this box. It's just marketing business toward a target who does not have deep knowledge about spiritually and buy Dream, hope and a brand trough instagram.

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