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Not worth the money

SCRIBEdelivery on Apr 2019

I like mystery boxes. I have belonged to mystery wine clubs, mystery cheese clubs. With any club, not everything is going to be something you like.
I have received 3 shipments, at $29.00 each. Most of it has been useless to me. There were pastel watercolor markers that made dots. There was a big thick marker that exploded ink all over; thankfully, it went on the shipping envelope so the ink didn't ruin anything. I received a spiral notebook. 3 small "Write" journals (brand name), some small journal with a gold foil cover. None of the notebooks have had more than 20 or 20 sheets. Three "Stabilo" markers - brown, purple, and blue. Pilot Engergel pen. PaperMate InkJoy pen. Only one notebook was hardbound. Other than the spiral notebook, only one was truly 'lay flat'.
Target carries better quality journals and notebooks.
Customer Service is e-mail or Facebook page only.
The box is shipped the first week of the month, but they charge you 2 weeks before the shipment. If you don't cancel, they ship and bill you. Their website states:
You'll be charged immediately for your first box, and plans will renew on the 15th of each month after your first.
Boxes ship around the 5th of the Month. The picture above includes items that may turn up in your box. Orders after the 5th will ship the next month.
"Due to the nature of SCRIBEdelivery, we cannot accept returns or offer refunds for shipments that have been received.

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