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Customer Service

Enlightened Warrior Book Club on Jun 2021

I have added this second review regarding customer service:
Had the items mentioned in the last review not been overlooked I would have been okay - I like the idea of a surprise.
After giving feedback the company immediately replied. She gave me an option to resend those items and have the food sealed. I was also given an option for a refund. I chose the refund as I would have not used the items anyway. I was immediately refunded.
Do not be discouraged to subscribe due to my last review because the customer service was excellent and shows that if anything goes array they will help you out.

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BOTI Box on Jun 2021

I bought this for my daughter’s birthday as a gift during checkout and it arrived on time. I was disappointed when it arrived as the gift note I had written was not in the box. Also, the package came in my name - it should have been in hers. This was not my error as I made sure to enter everything correctly and checked twice.
Price: There is only an option to buy this for minimum of 3 months. There isn’t a one month gift option. The contents of the box weren’t enjoyable. Therefore, I had to wait for another two months of products she didn’t like. One more month left to go. For over $80 I could have bought her something much better.
Content: you can find similar Items in the box anywhere. For me it wasn’t worth spending money on... especially since she didn’t like the box and wasn’t impressed.
I would like to let you know that I do not get notifications when there are replies to my reviews (this is something that Cratejoy should probably add) therefore I did not see your response immediately.
Though, I did see the refund notification in my e-mail that you had taken action immediately without my request of a refund - thank you! My daughter was very excited as I was able to order a different box for her. (as the other items are still in the two boxes untouched)
From what I gather of your reply seems that you have several...

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Thoughtfully Curated

Found and Flowered on Jun 2021

You can tell this box was thoughtfully curated. The items were wrapped so beautifully and neatly. Made opening the items an experience in itself!
I also liked that there wasn’t just paper products, but also yellow pen and vintage style big paper clip. The paper items varied and liked that some had texture to them. You also get printable ones in your e-mail.
I also like her e-mail and how personalized she made them speaking about her family helping and supporting her to find the paper products... Noticing such kindness makes it easy to continue business with a company. Very nice!

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Nothing Special

ArtSnacks on Jul 2020

Content: I wasn’t impressed by the items. I made an additional purchase through their website thinking it would change my mind, but again the content wasn’t anything you couldn’t find in other boxes.
Curation & Customer service: The customer service is horrible. They take feedback defensively. Also, I purchase a box through their website to find at its arrival that the content in the box was not as described. Seemed that they were just trying to get rid of items and make several different categories to pick from. Well, the travel one I picked was watercolor items which had I wanted watercolor items I would have picked the watercolor box. I was given a reply saying “well the items are small to travel with”... well all items are approximately the same size. Just a childish and blind response. Not even caring or interested in keeping my business or that I am the one who lost money in this case. (Keep in mind during that communication I was giving feedback and did not ask for a refund.)
Had their reply been positive and honest they would still not have a customer as I did not find the items worth it.
The general feeling I got from the company was the basic “robotic”customer service enhanced with false advertisement.
There are many art boxes and suppliers out there. I will not be purchasing from them again.

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