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Red Technomancer steel dice were AMAZING

Dice Envy on Feb 2019

I've never owned steel dice before, so I was so happy to get a set of steel dice from Dice Envy. They're the perfect weight, the red sparkles brilliantly in the light, and I've found myself idly toying with the d20 and d6 like they're fidget spinners. The numbers are super clear and they're major attention grabbers as well as terrific dice.

I received a free trial subscription in exchange for a review, which is located (along with a bunch of photos) at

But I enjoyed these dice so much that I wanted to review them here on Cratejoy as well since this is where I discovered them :D

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Real mysteries, unique documents

Sleuth Kings on Jan 2019

My gal and I have always been interested in doing a detective crate, so I was really excited when I found Sleuth Kings. We did case 015 and it was so cool! It comes in a board game-sized box, and inside that is a file folder with all of the documents and clues. You email Sullivan and he presents you with the overall case, then it's up to you to piece things together and email him the solution to the current issue. This goes on until the whole case is done, and we had several AHA! moments as we worked.

I received a free review copy of the case, but it's definitely something I'd love to do again any time!

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