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I'd give it another month...

Abuela Mami on Apr 2020

This is a nice sample of Hispanic foods from Cuba by way of Miami.. and in my most recent box.. some that had nothing to do with Cuba or Miami... ? One of my items was candy... from New York. Not Cuban in the slightest. It was almost an after thought.
Honestly.. I would say that it is around $20 worth of groceries.. maybe less.. And for $20 you can easily just go buy things that you will actually eat. I was hoping this was more exclusive stuff that would be harder to find here. The sample box pictured in the advertisement includes cups and a ton of snacks.. I have ordered this box twice now and have never received anything other than foods... and they have been predominantly rice, beans, and sodas. And both times I received a pack of Goya Maria cookies. I can find all of that here.. and there aren't any Cuban people near where I live.
I don't hate it, and I would try it again.. but if you're hoping for something very authentic, or unique, this is not it. On the plus side, the shipping was very quick!

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