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Coastal Company on Aug 2019

I love this box... so worth it..



Frock Box on Mar 2019

Hi, I am going to write a review on this horrible company. I am involved in 20 subscription boxes. I will let you know what they are later. I am not interested in giving you my codes to get a rebate. THIS BOX/BAG is the WORST I have ever seen. I will attach a pic in what I received for 59.95 plus shipping. I am Canadian I don’t mind the conversation. That’s my problem. I wanted to try boxes out and give my honest opinion on them. I wrote to frockbox yesterday... This is what I said
I purchased the 59.95 frock box gold bag I got a cardigan a top and a necklace. Nothing in this bag is worth 60.00. I thought for the price I would get a full outfit. I am an online blogger that has enrolled to over 20 boxes. Wanted to try yours out. I looked at the 24.99 and you get 5 pieces for cheaper. I also didn’t get a return label that I don’t have to pay for return merchandise. Please explain to me why would I pick the 59.95 over the 24.95 when you get more clothing. I am going to put this on instagram.. Facebook
YouTube.... how bad this subscription box is. I would like a response. In the next 24 hrs before I go online and also a label to send everything back to you. I just can’t believe this is what I received for 59.95 plus tax. Picture is...

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