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My Two Scents on Wicked Good Perfume

Wicked Good Perfume on Dec 2021

I purchased the perfume oil roller from The Wicked Good Scent Club.
Firstly, they shipped it out faster than I expected. Within just a few short days of ordering, my first package arrived. The package itself was a fun minimalistic black envelope. In it was my new perfume (securely packaged in bubble wrap), and a few stock cards informing me of the company mission, the products of the month, and a timeline for future shipments. Since it was the Witches Cauldron for October of 2020, I opened my package with a few spooky spider rings!
Secondly, the oil roller perfume is lovely! I received "Wing of Fairy" and I quite like it! It has a fresh, clean, floral smell. The cool scent dances with Lily-of-the-valley, peach blossoms, and hints of cedar on the nose. I found it starts off more floral and ends the day with more of the cedar and Hawthorne notes. Additionally, it is clearly labeled and perfect for slipping into a purse.
Lastly, the Wicked Good team has been not only professional but also quite personable. There was a lovely handwritten note in the package and I was easily able to navigate to their social media accounts and find answers to any questions I had.
Overall, I am very pleased with the products and the experience provided by Wicked Good Perfume. I can't wait to receive my next shipment! #smellwickedgood

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