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Favorite Box, Great Value

The Introverted Chick on May 2019

My very favorite box! Love all of my goodies, every month. Great value for price. 13/10 would recommend! And don't be put off by the Introvert title, even extroverts will love this box.

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Hyggestund All Day!

Hygge Box - Coziness & Happiness Delivered on Jun 2018

I loved my Hygge Box! It was packed full of neat little items sure to create a sense of calm and peace, from candles, bath tabs and a lavender sachet to yummy cookies and tea. Definitely one to renew and keep going.

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Great way to expand your horizons

Culinarie Kit on Jun 2018

You really get a variety of items, and just enough so you can use it a few times. The recipes are accessible and run the gamut. Really enjoy this box!

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