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Shelflove Crate on May 2019

I do not recommend SHelfLove as I have been very disappointed with my ShelfLove subscription. In February 2019 I was signed up for my first box but, due to my own fault, I only received the book [I’d accidentally signed up for book only]. The support staff was very helpful and had that three-month subscription canceled and was signed up for the actual box subscription staring in April. This is where the issues began.
March of 2019 there was an issue with the items; apparently the mugs were broken and they needed a new shipment, hence a delay. Total fine and understandable. Weeks later, when it finally did ship, my tracking was “pre-shipment” for over a week. I emailed and was assured my box would be there soon. Nothing. A few days later I receive a mass email saying the shipper messed up and the boxes were never shipped. Eventually everyone got together and shipped the March box. Received it in April.
April comes. EXACTLY the same issue. My shipment is listed as in “pre-shipment” for over a week. I email and am assured at first that the boxes have shipped and my tracking will update. Received a mass email on April 30th saying there was a “stock error” and items were “held in customs.” The email assured that they were “extremely frustrated at this time, and can assure you we have been working with our new packing facility to prepare to make the move as seamless as possible.” It...

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