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What a scam.. biggest regret

BedHeart on Jan 2022

Please don’t buy this subscription!! When I ordered mine, it says the box is curated each month with a book and goodies like bath salts, candles, or something to help you relax while you read. I thought it sounded so cute and got a three month subscription for a friend as a gift. Turns out, she only got one book. Paid over 30$ a month for just one book, which is ridiculous.
Edit- to reply to the sellers comment below.
I wish I screen shot the description when I subscribed. It was definitely more than just “one boo. I would never pay 33$ for a subscription if it’s only one book. I could use that 33$ and get a book myself. Even the price I paid for my subscription is different than what is listed here today (20 something). The seller has changed the price and description since I bought it in Dec 2021. Regardless, I still stand by my review that this is a terrible box. It’s not even a “box”, it’s just a book. Also, the pictures for this listing add to the deceiving. Never again.

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