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You Matter!® Box on Mar 2019

I'd give this a five star rating if one of the items in the box hadn't been missing. My son compulsively looked for the dolphin that was listed as an included item on the card. If possible we would love to receive that item so I can come back and update the review! The package was truly a pleasant surprise to my son. It's hard to gauge him sometimes but although his reaction (or lack thereof) was not what I expected it to be I still think it did him some good hear that myself as well as others thought that he was amazing. He is encouraged daily but I think a different form of encouragement and acknowledgement can do great things!
******5 STAR UPDATE!!!!! After reading my posted review, a representative reached out to me, apologized for the missing item, and offered to have it shipped to us free of charge. I believe we received it within that same week. I know it's being used because I find it in the dryer at least once a week. Thanks again!!!

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