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Exactly what I was looking for

Deadbolt Mystery Society on Jul 2020

If you're here reading this then you, like I was, are probably trying to sort out which subscription mystery box to sign up for among the many ones out there. I did the research you are most likely doing now and I settled on Deadbolt Mystery and I am glad I did. Deadbolt was everything I was looking for. Hopefully, my comments here will help you with your decision.
I've done three of their boxes so far (WANTED, COPYCAT, and INFECTED), so I thought I have seen enough of their content to have an informed review. I am doing their monthly subscription box. I have not ordered any of the one-off specialty boxes.
It's not that helpful to just say I love the box. Because you need to know what I was looking for. Let me explain that a bit.
I wanted something cooperative, of moderate difficulty (not too hard, not too easy), self-contained, professionally done with quality components, good writing, not a lot of hand-holding, and I wanted a mystery more than an escape room vibe. DMS delivered on all of those. And on top of that they are really professional, have a great online community and their shipping is timely and like clockwork. No waiting for boxes, they run like a well-oiled machine.
My brother and I are older now and live in different states. We both love puzzles and we wanted a fun way to keep in touch each month. We had tried Mysterious Package Company and...

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