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WhiskyFlavour on Jun 2021

I don't know much about whiskey. It comes in a nice box, shipping was fairly fast considering the distance it came, and a nice mix of miniatures was sent. Still a bit pricey for what it is so I probably won't order again, but if you really love your whiskey it's a great way to try different bottles.

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Once Upon a Book Club on Nov 2020

I subscribed for two months (adult) to get a good idea of what this box was like. Shipping was fast and I received the boxes perfectly with no problems. The packaging is very nice and I like the thought put into it. It's a really great idea and really motivates you to finish the book. The two books I got were very nice. The meet n greet with the author is a really nice touch and I enjoyed that a lot. Not a lot of people seem to participate in the discussion questions which is a bit disappointing and for the first box the company didn't post 3/5 of the questions on Facebook for discussion. All questions were listed on Instagram though. I was looking forward to the book club part so it's a bit disappointing that there wasn't a bit more effort on that. There seemed to be more of a response for questions on Facebook. The gifts were wrapped very nicely and some of them were pretty nice, but they're definitely more on the feminine side and not necessarily practical items which is fine for some. The items seemed OK quality, but not exceptional and some were a little underwhelming (50ml bottle of unscented moisturizer). I plan to give away 2/3 gifts from the second box. Overall, it was a fun experience that I'm glad I tried and it's a great idea, but not a box I will likely order again but that's me. I tend to look...

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Vintage Teatime - Eat, Drink, Read & Keep on Oct 2020

I opened this box last night and shared a cup of tea, some biscuits, and chocolate with my boyfriend. Everything tasted great. It's nice that each box is unique and thoughtful. The book is something I would never have found otherwise and I'm interested to read it. It's a little bit of English/European culture in a box. I had just planned to try this box once because I wanted my own China tea set for myself, but I am definitely going to get another box when all the treats are gone so my boyfriend and me can both have a set. With the price of shipping it is in the higher range for price, but I think it's worth it.

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